The importance of a plan…

Ive posted before on the importance of goals and realism. I’m pretty sure Ive also pointed out the importance ofplanning your training. Its not exactly a secret. Planning your training is vital if you want to achieve specificgoals and reach a certain point.

There is a reason I mention this. I will come back to it.

So I did my “birthday triathlon” on Sunday. Started out with a nice 35 mile cycle at a respectable (for me) speed. Then straight off the bike and out again for a 3.5 mile run. Started out with the usual jelly legs but at a 7:45 minute mile pace so no problem there. Slowed down after a while but it was still respectable.

Then headed off to my in-laws for a much needed lunch then hit the pool for my 35 lengths. Which i completed… slowly. I’m not a strong or fast swimmer.. and I can see why the swim comes first in a triathlon. Put it at the end and you do your swim pretty much just using your arms.
Still.. good upper body workout.

I arrived home and mentioned that Id completed my efforts on facebook and twitter. One of my decidedly unsporty friends commented “not going to do 35 pushups then?”
So yeah, I dropped and did 35 pushups.

So why did I mention planning at the start?
Well, about 10 miles into my bike ride… my legs were tired and sore.
Seriously… 10 miles in.
It was at this point I thought to myself… On Friday I had done a hard “hill” workout on the trainer.
On Saturday morning i went out and did 4 miles at a 7:43 average pace. I know that’s not fast for you Boston qualifiers and pro-ironmen out there.. but its pretty damn fast for me folks.
Come Sunday morning and my longer workout and my legs were TIRED AND SORE.

I’m still working through the process of planning my season. Ive got three A races, a half marathon, a half ironman and a marathon, so its kinda complex to plan for this. I’m sure a coach would have no problem, but to work it out from scratch takes a bit of work and I have like ZERO spare time so Im working in a rather impromptu manner with my workouts at the moment. So, the moral of the story is… PLAN YOUR WORKOUTS. Remember that rest is critical and dont push yourself too hard.

Luckily I didn’t do anything stupid like injure myself. I felt something not right in a few muscles, so I took Monday of (as planned) and have had two easy low intensity bike workouts this week to let my body recover. So I’m not all stupid.

Finally… I’ve become involved with a group called “belfast4haiti” and I’m helping organise a 5k fun run to raise funds for the victims of the haitian earthquake. I will be writing a full blog post on this over the next few days. For more info, drop me a mail or follow me on twitter or facebook if you don’t already do so.

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