Hitting the Reset button

It’s been a while since I posted here. Quite a long while.

*checks dates*

2 Months.

Actually to me it seems longer. The last few months have been tough. I don’t normally get into too much personal stuff on here, and I won’t bother now. Life has just been less than easy over the last while.

The Zombies Vs. Survivors race I talked about in my last post, well we had to cancel that. Not enough time to give it the dedication it deserved and none of us wanted to put on a race that was anything other than perfect.

Training? Yeah, I haven’t done that. I’ve been out for the occasional 3 mile run. No longer. The last 3 weeks I haven’t even managed that.

I’ve been tired, stressed and somewhat depressed. Life gets on top of all of us sometimes. I’ve had zero motivation to do much other than watch TV, eat bad food, drink wine and hang out with Steph and the kids.

My racing for this season is cancelled. I entered a few races. I’ve withdrawn from all of them. Better DNS than DNF I guess.

It’s over now though… this prolonged period of lethargy, sloth, laziness and depression.

I’m done with it.

I’m hitting the reset button.

We can do that you know. We can do it after a period of troubled times, or after a bad training session. We can do it once a year or one hundred times a day.

Forget the bad stuff. Forget the problems. Start again.

Tonight I will go running. I’ll let Zane get on his bike and come with me. That makes it easier. I will also run other days this week. I will look into finding a race to sign up for. I will sign up for the local martial arts club where I will do some circuits and the occasional bit of sparring perhaps.

Hopefully you will continue to join me as I get back on track.

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