Last week I started a new challenge. I’m doing an early morning bootcamp at The Dojo where my 5-year-old does Karate.

The training goes on for two weeks and we do it from 6 to 7am. I only live 1 mile from the dojo, so I’ve been running there, doing the hours training and then running home.

Its been amazing so far. A really tough workout with a lot of variety… some days are more speed focused, some days more heavy weights and some days we do wrestling.. Seriously.. wrestling is a weird but fun way to start your day. In terms of the exertion and fitness levels, I’ve been surprised. Despite getting myself to a state of fairly decent base fitness and despite the fact that I did the intensive boxing training this year, the first day at this still KILLED me. After the first session I really struggled on the 1 mile run home… I actually had to take 4 walk breaks.

Over the next few days the run home has gotten easier. No walk breaks required, but it’s still been an amazing workout. I’m feeling great and really enjoying the early morning workouts. Plus.. I’ve developed muscle definition that I never had before, which is kinda fun. Steph put her hand on my shoulder the other night and genuinely commented aloud “What the hell is that????”

I suggested it was maybe stress/ tension.. but no, it was actual shoulder muscle. So Im going to keep up the circuit training with these guys.

I havent got a race season planned this year. I did a leg of the Belfast marathon, which was fun. I’m registered for the half Ironman in Galway in September which I will likely do and I wouldn’t mind doing a marathon at the end of the season.. but as it stands this year is just about staying fit and having fun doing so.

On another note.. while I havent signed up for many races.. I am going to be organising a few. The first of these is the Zombies Vs Survivors race, a 5k adventure race.. with ZOMBIES. Check out the website, it should be a lot of fun and I will be blogging a bit more about this and other forthcoming races over the next while.

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