Blog rebirth!

After my typical multi month break from blogging, Im back with more pointless nonsense.
Its 2009 and this year, I have decided, is to be one of lots of exercise and sportiness.
Last year I did 2 10K's… Well one and a half really.
the first was a disaster.
I injured myself a week before the race and tried to run anyway.. but ended up making it worse, having to walk half the course and knocking myself out of training for a few weeks.

The second one was a lot better. I did the Seeley cup in Belfast and finished in a respectable 48.17. My previous personal best in training was about 52 minutes, so I was very happy with that.
I did manage to injure myself a little there too, but after a few physio visits and seeing a podatrist I am back on form again. It was great to find out I have been wearing completely the wrong type of shoe for a year.

This year I have decided to be very ambitious. All last year I gradually increased my running from not running or doing any exercise at all, to running 30 miles a week and with a 10 mile run as my longest.
This year I am planning to do 2 or 3 10k's
2 half marathons (possibly 3)
and 2 sprint triathalons.
Id like to do a full triathalon, but dont think I will be able to get myself to a sufficient level.

This week, I started my training plan for the first half marathon. Its a 10 week plan and will have me prepared to run the Omagh half marathon on the 21st of March. I am also doing a 10k on the 8th of March. then possibly another 10k in April, Another half marathon in May and the first sprint triathalon in June.

My training invovlves running 5 times a week, going to spin classes twice a week, going to the gym and swimming.
Obviously, in order to maximise spending time with my family and holding down a job, this will take some work, so most of my running is late in the evening after Zane goes to bed, and the spin classes twice a week before work.

Its going to be hard work, but I am looking forward to it.

This week I got off to a good start. I got my orthotics from the podiatrist and did 4 miles on Tuesday night, then 5 miles on Wednesday night, then a 45 minute spin class at 6:45 on Thursday morning, then another 5 mile run on Thursday night.

Today, Friday, I am giving myself a day off.

I will keep the blog updated with my progress.

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