Airports and boredom

Im sitting in the airport in Atlanta Georgia.
This morning I was in Charleston, South Carolina (a BEAUTIFUL place).
I arrived at the airport shortly after 12 for a 3:30 flight.
3 and half hours of waiting.
I arrived here in Georgia at 5.
My flight home was due to leave at 8:25
Another 3 and half hours of waiting.
At about 7 I found out my fliht is not delayed to 11 pm.
Add another 2 and half hours of waiting.
A total of 9 and half hours of sittin around airports in one day.

On the bright side, while browsing the internet I just discovered that Amanda Palmers upcoming Solo album is out soon. I also just realised it is produced by Ben folds.
The same guy who produced the William Shatner/ Henry Rollins/ Adrian Belew track in the post below.
My respect for the man has just grown 100 fold.

flight pulled back by one hour.. we now leave at 10 pm. Slight improvement.

*update 2*
Ben Folds does a great version of Tiny Dancer, the only Elton John song that I like…

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