The Days are Just Packed

The title comes from an excellent calvin and hobbes collection.. and its true.. the days are just packed.
I’m pretty busy in work at the moment and everyday I just cant wait to get home to see my wonderful wife and son.
I make no pretense, I’m a lucky guy and I am happy to admit it.
It seems that well over a month has passed since my last post.
Not really a surprise, its not like I get a lot of time to mess around online,
nor do I have any particular desire to, but when Rik asked me last night why I hadn’t updated this in a while and told me that people were actually checking it.. well I thought I should.
Right now Steph is in bed and Zane is asleep beside me, so I have some time

Obviously, other than taking pictures of Zane, I haven’t been doing any photography, hence there have been no website updates for a while. However I have definitely made up for that by making lots of photos of Zane. Literally hundreds of them.

One thing I have been carefully doing is ensuring that I take at least one photo of him each day. I intend to do this as a “project” (sounds so calculated) for at least the first year of his life.
One day, one photo, one year.
Or so the idea goes.
These can be viewed on my flikr account and i will periodically post a selection on here.
So, the last post showed photos up until Zane was 7 days old, this selected series spans day 9 to day 43 (a week ago)!
Updates will follow, sporadically, whenever I get round to it.
Hope life it treating you all as well as it is treating me!


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