That ever elusive motivation…

Motivation is something I often struggle with.

I know a lot of people may be surprised by this, but let me put this into perspective..

When It comes to training and racing.. I’m a “mid-packer”
Basically, I run in the middle of the pack. I’m never going to win, but I will never come in last (I hope)
Ive no issue with this. I don’t consider it mediocrity, I consider it standing proud among people who are great at what they do.
There are people in front of me who train harder and are who are naturally faster
There are people behind me who train less and are maybe just naturally a bit slower.
Of those that train harder… do they have more time? Do they have less commitments or responsibility? Or do they just have more motivation.
Its a combination of these things, combined with innate ability and many other factors.
I am fitter than a lot of people I know. The fact that I can go out and take part in an event that requires a certain level of fitness and skill, puts me in a group that is well apart from the majority of the population. Being in the middle of these folks is not mediocrity.

Saying all that, sometimes I struggle with motivation just as much as the person who does no exercise and sits on the couch all night watching TV, drinking wine and eating potato chips.
Oh.. wait… I AM that guy.

I post on here mostly about my athletic endeavours… but the truth is that getting out the door and training is a lot harder than buying a bottle of wine and hanging out on the sofa with my wife and watching a good movie.

In the long run though, going out and training is going to be more beneficial, plus I will feel a lot better the next morning. Sometimes though.. its still really hard to get out and do it. Ive blogged before on the importance of goals, and having something to train for is a real motivator. Sometimes though, its still hard.

I just thought I would share this thought.

This blog has become something I seldom post on, but a few peoples messages to me on the last post reminded me that not only do I enjoy writing blogs, people also enjoy reading them, so I’m going to try and write more often.

2 thoughts on That ever elusive motivation…

  1. Thanks John. I appreciate comments on here and between here and the twitter feedback its been good to remind myself that I can enjoy writing and let others enjoy it too.I like being in the middle of a pack that has people like you and me in it.. :D

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