Two weeks out…

I’m now two weeks out from my main race of this year… the half ironman in Groomsport.

And I am NOT training

Yup, nothing at all.

I haven’t done any exercise in 5 days now.
This is due to injury and not laziness.
Ive been seeing a physio over this tendon problem. Ive had a few treatments and have had to have complete rest.

Psychologically, this was tough to start with. To make the decision that after a years training, i stop 2 weeks out from my race is difficult.

Physically its even worse.
I worked out the other day that on a big training week I can burn off up to 11,000 calories.
That’s over 4 days worth of food.
My body, despite not training, doesn’t realise that it doesn’t need the food. So I’m hungry, trying not to eat as much and gaining weight nonetheless.
Not great.
I’m rather on edge. I’m kinda cranky, and I’m sure I’m a total pain in the ass to be around at the moment as my body is really not dealing very well with the transition from lots of training to no training.

Still, the most important thing is to make sure this injury gets better so that I can show up to the start line in two weeks and do this event.
I no longer care about the time.
I was never THAT concerned.. but its nice to have targets.. things to aim for.
At the start of the season, my aim for the year was to complete a half ironman.
As the year progressed and my training went well, I started to have little internal time targets. At one point I was starting to aim pretty high.
Now I’m back to just wanting to show up uninjured and to complete it.

Despite all this, I’m totally upbeat and happy. These things happen.
My body has shown me that it has limitations… and that I pushed it too hard.
All I can do is learn the lesson and get better in time for the race.

One thought on “Two weeks out…

  1. I don't have NEAR the training volume you do, but I sympathize. Rolling my ankle so badly 11 days from my first tri made me a cranky bitch last week.On the plus side, you've trained hard and well up to this injury. That's going to serve you well. :)

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